Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Ollie Johnston 1912 - 2008

I feel sad today as I just found out that my number one animation hero has passed away at the age of 95 - Ollie Johnston.
He's on the right in this picture of him and his close friend and colleague, Frank Thomas. Apart from saying he was the last of Disney's 'Nine Old Men', I won't go into Ollie's career as there will be many sites talking about that, written by people who actually knew the guy. All I want to say is that Ollie's work has made a large contribution to how I grew up, even before I knew who he was. Since finding out about the great man, I have come to be inspired not just by his work but by his enthusiasm and ethos. I cannot claim to have known him, but from what I have found out, he was a wonderful animator and a beautiful human being. Beautiful is not a word I use too often when describing people, but in this case it is appropriate.

It's a sad, sad loss.