Sunday, 9 December 2007

Handy with Cartoons

I have finally managed to get some drawing done! I was up early this morning as I couldn't sleep, so I ended up deciding to draw. It seems that my ability to produce something decent is much greater in the morning than in the evening. I began with drawing from the Bluto figurine we got last week:
I followed this with a study of our Mickey Mouse figurine:
Ok well it's far from perfect! Mickey is stupidly hard to draw! A change of subject followed these. I had the TV on and started to draw quick thumbnail sketches of people from it:
I was most pleased, however, with a creation of my own, who I called Clive:
He actually turned out to have pretty much the pose I was aiming for, which was a kind of camp excitedness. I'm particularly pleased with the hands.
Hands are something that I have always had trouble with. Well cartoon ones are anyway. I seem to be able to draw realistic ones without too much trouble, but simplifying them to the cartoon variety always ended with disaster. So it's very pleasing to produce a pair that don't look too bad!