Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Finding the Bugs in My Drawing

Right, I finally have something to post!

I decided to have a go at a lesson by John Kricfalusi on construction of a scene from
Tex Avery's "Heckling Hare". The original picture has lots of wrinkles on it, characteristic of the drawing style of Warner Bros animator Rob Scribner:
I always think John's lessons are a great learning resource, but I haven't spent much time following them. However this lesson was even better than usual due to the welcome inclusion of videos, which make the understanding a lot easier, so I decided to not be lazy give it a try. Anyway, here is my attempt at drawing Bugs:
I can immediately see problems with my version. The two that stick out most to me are the difference in size of the open eye and the fact that my bugs isn't screwing up his face to the same degree as Scribner's. Also, I have made a huge error on the angle of the neck. How I managed this, I have no idea. Anyway, to compare my drawing in more detail, I layered it over the original in Photoshop:
I'm still relatively pleased with it, especially since I had to sneakily draw it at work (hence why I didn't have time to draw the dog too), but I think it is probably worth another attempt.