Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What if...?

I haven't had a lot to post in the last few days. It's the usual story - work crushing all my creative spirit! I have managed to find a few more drawing videos for my collection...some better than others, so check them out and get inspired!

I saw a post on John K's blog today that got me thinking. It's an old post from March of last year, but I guess he must have updated it as it appeared as 'unread' on my Google Reader. Anyway, John makes the claim that the Beatles ruined the world. Now I'm a big fan of the Fab Four and so I don't share that opinion, but I do agree that the world changed significantly during their time, and that some people might see that change as bad.

As we have all been told many times, "things were better in the old days." I think every subject has been described as having a 'golden age', which usually occurred around the 1940s. And animation is no exception of course. Reading through the comments under John's post has led me to realise that a huge proportion of people think that animation was better in the 'good old days'...and I have to agree with them. However I also noticed a lot of people saying that they only watch cartoons from the 1940s, and those people who can draw only draw cartoons from that era.

Is it me or is that crazy?

How is animation going to make the high quality come-back that we all wish for if we dwell on the subject of how crap most stuff is now. As I commented on John's blog, let's learn from what has worked before (both back in the golden age and more recently) and build on it. The quality of 1940s animation was wonderful - we all know that. But why shouldn't that of the early 21st century be even better?

The Beatles didn't ruin the world. By changing the world, they demonstrated that the world can be changed. Don't sit there and moan about the state of our planet, or our art form...